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  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Content Creator
  • Graphic Designer
  • Project Manager
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A volunteer project for which I built a custom website, social media presence, and fanzine to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Yoroiden Samurai Troopers anime. I used a variety of skills to support and promote the project, and I organized and worked with fans from around the world.

mockup of project website's responsive design on a desktop, laptop, tablet, and iphone 5

01 website concept

I designed the site to be a single page so all of the project's information would be in one place. Page‑scrolling animation is used to make the transitions between sections easier to follow. When the navigation switches into a slide‑in‑out menu for smaller screens, I coded it to automatically slide closed once a visitor chose a section.

The site had a total of 3 versions published during the project's timeline. The 2nd version, published once the contributor application deadline was met, replaced the submission info sections with a project progress timeline. When the fanzine was completed and ready for sale, the 3rd  version was published. The project progress timeline was replaced with sections for promotional materials and ordering information.

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02 social media

Most participants preferred email for communication so I taught myself how to code email newletters. For each week's newsletter I created written information, illustrations, and icons, and sometimes photos and videos. A total of 19 newsletters were created and delivered over the project's lifecycle.

I also encouraged fans to participate in the project through social media channels Discord, DeviantArt, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook. After the fanzine was published, I converted the Tumblr and Twitter accounts to focus on events and new merchandise for the anime's anniversary. They continue to gain followers.

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03 the finished fanzine

Of the many newsletter subscribers, 21 were selected to contribute work. A contest was held to determine the cover, and participants voted on their favorite design via a Google Form.

The published fanzine is 92 pages of art, prose, and cosplay photos, all of which were generously donated. Since May 2018, the zine has been available to the public for free as a digital download, or for purchase from an on‑demand printer at production cost. As of May 2019, 24 limited editions have been printed on-demand and sold.

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mockup of the letter-sized, perfect-bound full color fanzine's cover and sample inner pages

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