Ronin Warriors Fanzine Project Update: April 2018 - Issue 5: First Look!

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Ronin Warriors
Yoroiden Samurai Troopers

30th Anniversary
Fanzine Project

April 2018 Newsletter - Issue 5

Ryo's Insignia

Hello Ronin Warriors/Yoroiden Samurai Trooper fans!

Guess what came early? :D

  1. Preview the Economy Version!
  2. First Impressions.
  3. What's Next (and price revision).
Seiji's Insignia

1. Preview the Economy Version

That's right, the Economy proof of the fanzine arrived early! Check it out in this video where you get to see it for the first time with me.

Can't see the video in the email? Watch it on our main site or on YouTube.

Shin's Insignia

2. First Impressions

Initial excitement and joy aside, I took a hard look over this version of the zine, and there's room to improve. My thoughts:

  • Things I can't fix:
    • The zine dents easily (as seen in the video it was damaged by the shipping package).
    • The pages stick together.
    • The pages are thin and images and text on the flip side are slightly visible.
  • Things I can fix:
    • The text on the spine isn't lined up like it should be.
    • The margins on the inner pages aren't quite right.
    • Some pages are missing. orz
  • But good news: the colors look great!

The Premium version has shipped and is on its way, so I'm hoping the things I can't fix will not be a problem in that version.

Shuu's Insignia

3. What's Next?

While we wait for the arrival of the Premium version, I'll be making the adjustments to the file for reupload. And unless the Premium one is horribly disfigured, I don't see a need to get another proof. So once it arrives and is confirmed to be not horrible, I'll upload the revised file and release it to the world!

On that note, there is a slight change to the price. If you read the previous section, you noticed in the list that I wrote some pages were missing. Four to be exact, which increases the base price by $0.60 ~ $0.80 (the online printer charges by the page). Totally my bad, but that's why we get proofs!

Touma's Insignia

In summary:

  • The Economy version of the zine arrived and can been seen here.
  • There are somethings for me to do to make it better.
  • We're waiting on the arrival of the Premium version to determine the zine's release.

As always, feel free to reply to this email if you have any questions, and do take really great care of yourselves!

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