Ronin Warriors Fanzine Project Update: April 2018 - Issue 3: Cover Contest Winner!

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Ronin Warriors
Yoroiden Samurai Troopers

30th Anniversary
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April 2018 Newsletter - Issue 3

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Hello Ronin Warriors/Yoroiden Samurai Trooper fans!

Here's what's new:

  1. Cover Contest Winner.
  2. Last Chance to Send Updated Materials.
  3. What's Next.
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1. Cover Contest Winner

Huge thanks to our cover contest participants! Weren't their entries amazing?! And many thanks to everyone who voted! It was a tight race between all the entries, but a winning entry did emerge...

Congratulations to our winner, Griseldajane, for her cover contest entry receiving the highest points in our contest!

Winner of the Cover Contest: Griseldajane

An updated version with a revised logo and cover text will grace our final fanzine!

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2. Last Chance to Send Updated Materials

Here we are with only a few weeks to go before the 30th on the 30th. As I work through the layout and design of the fanzine, now is the absolute last chance to send in any updated submissions, avatars, and bios. From what I've seen so far, many participants are promoting the sites where they lurk. If you wish to add your portfolio site, deviantart, tumblr, or whatnot, send over the details by tomorrow, Tuesday, .

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3. What's Next?

On Wednesday, I'll be visiting a local printer to get a color print of all the pages and to do a quick layout check. With any luck, the colors will all look as close to expected as possible, and I'll be able to prep and send the file to the online book printer to start the process of procuring a final product. Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well!

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In summary:

  • Congratulations to our cover contest winner, Griseldajane!
  • Last chance to send any updated submissions, bios, or avatars is Tuesday, .
  • Wish me luck that all goes well with the test print on Wednesday!

As always, feel free to reply to this email if you have any questions, and take really great care of yourselves!

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Submitter also understands that submitting their work automatically gives permission to the ronin warriors fanzine project to publish said work. The submitter still holds all rights and ownership of said work and may publish the work themselves in print or online as they see fit.

It is not the intention of the project to receive any monetary compensation by the staff or submitters. All involvement in the project is voluntary and the final product is meant to be sold at cost to fans, staff members, and those who have submitted works.

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