Ronin Warriors Fanzine Project Update: April 2018 - Issue 2: Cover Contest Voting Open!

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Ronin Warriors
Yoroiden Samurai Troopers

30th Anniversary
Fanzine Project

April 2018 Newsletter - Issue 2

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Hello Ronin Warriors/Yoroiden Samurai Trooper fans!

Congratulations to everyone who submitted work to the zine! We had an amazing turnout and tons of submissions; this is going to be an amazing zine thanks to all the time and effort of our participants!

And many, many thanks to you all for your patience! I promise your submissions have not fallen into the internet void; they're just getting "processed". Some of you have already heard from me, but do keep an eye on your primary contact method for any questions that I might ask about your submission(s). And I hope you'll forgive me if I already asked the same question before. ^^;

Here we go:

  1. Cover Contest Voting.
  2. Site Update.
  3. Project Progress.
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1. Cover Contest Voting

It's voting time! We've got some awesome entries to choose from! See all the entries in the survey and rate each one from least-to-most preferred design (note: the logo and titles were added to the entries for simulation purposes and are not final)!

Vote Vote Vote

Voting ends . The winning entry will be determined by highest score and will be posted on the site and announced in the next newsletter. In case of a tie, I'll cast the deciding vote. Good luck to all the contestants!

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2. Site Update

Our project site has been updated (you may need to force-refresh your browser to clear the cache)! All submission information has been removed, but if you need access to the specs, let me know, and I'll send them your way. Be sure to visit and check out the new section showcasing the Project Progress. It's a new timeline that shows the remaining steps left in the project! The goal is to send out the final fanzine file by the Anniversary date, . I didn't put specific dates down, just the sequence of events. ^^;

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3. Project Progress!

So in the intro I mentioned the "processing of submissions". What it means is I'm starting to put everything into the file that will become the magazine and testing how everything looks all together. This is where I'll be learning if any info is missing.

At this preliminary layout stage, the zine is looking like it'll be a whopping 80 pages—possibly more! I don't know how the file will be delivered, but most likely it'll be through a dropbox link due to its file size. Be sure to let me know if you have any questions or concerns about accessing the file; I'm 95% sure no dropbox account will be required.

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In summary:

As always, feel free to reply to this email if you have any questions, and take really great care of yourselves!

Your privacy is important to us. Please send a message to this email with the subject, "unsubscribe me" if you no longer wish to receive emails from us.

Disclaimer: By submitting art or writing to the fanzine project, submitter is stating they have created said works of art or writing themselves and have not stolen or plagiarized another's fan works. If a submission is found to have been submitted by a party other than the original creator, the submission will no longer be eligible to be included in the project.

Submitter also understands that submitting their work automatically gives permission to the ronin warriors fanzine project to publish said work. The submitter still holds all rights and ownership of said work and may publish the work themselves in print or online as they see fit.

It is not the intention of the project to receive any monetary compensation by the staff or submitters. All involvement in the project is voluntary and the final product is meant to be sold at cost to fans, staff members, and those who have submitted works.

©2018 Emily Wing