Ronin Warriors Fanzine Project Update: March 2018 - Issue 3: 2 weeks to go; additional submission info!

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Ronin Warriors
Yoroiden Samurai Troopers

30th Anniversary
Fanzine Project

March 2018 Newsletter - Issue 3

Shiten's Insignia

Hello Ronin Warriors/Yoroiden Samurai Trooper fans!

T-minus 2 weeks! We're nearly there!

In Addition to the Submission:

Are you ready to submit your work? Here's a handy checklist of the extras that are requested!

  1. Artists: Submission Medium (what was used to create the piece?)
    • if digital, which software was mainly used (Photoshop, Sai, Clip Studio Paint, etc.)?
    • if analog, what media was mainly used (Pencil, Pen, Markers, Watercolor, etc)?
    • if a mix, was it an analog (insert media) sketch, then digitized in (insert software), or vice-versa?
  2. Artists: Signature on the piece itself
    • don't forget to sign your submission (date optional)! :)
  3. Authors: Submission Title (not required for art or photo pieces, but nice to have)
  4. Everyone: Avatar
    • 2"x2", CMYK, 300dpi
  5. Everyone: Bio
    • maximum 300 words
    • can be sent in the body of an email, a doc, or .txt file.
Naaza's Insignia

Google Drive, Dropbox, and email are the suggested submission methods, but if something else works better, let me know; I'd be happy to give it a try! Only 2 weeks left! Be sure to reach out if you need help, and remember to take really great care of yourselves!

Submission Deadline:

Your privacy is important to us. Please send a message to this email with the subject, "unsubscribe me" if you no longer wish to receive emails from us.

Disclaimer: By submitting art or writing to the fanzine project, submitter is stating they have created said works of art or writing themselves and have not stolen or plagiarized another's fan works. If a submission is found to have been submitted by a party other than the original creator, the submission will no longer be eligible to be included in the project.

Submitter also understands that submitting their work automatically gives permission to the ronin warriors fanzine project to publish said work. The submitter still holds all rights and ownership of said work and may publish the work themselves in print or online as they see fit.

It is not the intention of the project to receive any monetary compensation by the staff or submitters. All involvement in the project is voluntary and the final product is meant to be sold at cost to fans, staff members, and those who have submitted works.

©2018 Emily Wing