Traditional & Digital Short Stories

In the 1990's I was a huge fan of the X-Men and would wander through local comic shops looking for stories about my favorite character, Storm. Unfortunately, in that era, most comic stores and publishers didn't really cater to a young female fan, and far too often I'd leave empty-handed. Rather than being discouraged, I started doodling my own comics to tell the stories that I couldn't find on the shelf. When anime and manga entered my world, my life would forever change. Anime and manga opened up a whole new perspective of what comics were and could be. The genres, art style, and pacing were so different than what I'd grown up with—not only did I need to learn more, I needed to be a part of it. My journey into the world of storytelling through comics has only just begun!

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The Folds of Flowers

A four-page mini-comic featuring the feathered robot, Zing, using origami to re-blossom a rose bush.

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Over Cast

A four-page mini-comic featuring the feathered robot, Zing, with his cat-friend, Alfred, as they fish up more than they bargained for.

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A fourteen-page mini-comic whose story is based on a real-life event that happened to the artist.

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Lucky Cat

A ten-page mini-comic story based on the origin of the Japanese Lucky Cat figurines. Style inspired by Japanese woodblock prints.

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An eleven-page mini-comic following a unicorn's forlorn attempts to elude death. Inspired by Princess Mononoke, it uses experimental pacing and high‑contrast style.

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Drifting Doom

An eight-page experimental mini-comic about the drowning of a whale. Uses single-panel pages and expressive linework.

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Kindness in a Jar

A three-page mini-comic that focuses on the effects of a "mask". In this story, the mask is the jar.